Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Cluster Time Service

Just checked the OTN habitually and was delighted to see that Oracle released release 2 of its 11g database for Linux. Release 2 of any new database version from Oracle means that now the DBAs could seriously think about upgrading their previous release to the new one in production.

So, it's time to chalk out migration plans from 10g to 11g in production.

While browsing through the new features, the one which instantly stole my heart, was the Cluster Time Service. After haggling with NTP server, hangcheck timer thingie, and in VMWARE time synchronization which is a must to install the cluster and to keep it sane, this out-of-the-box Cluster Time Service will automatically sync the times of cluster nodes. Just only this option is enough to have a RAC now in production. Single Instance will soon seem so sissy.

Welcome 11gR2 RAC.

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