Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I am Interested in Oracle GoldenGate

Without any marketing hype and without any sales talk, I am already hooked to the Oracle GoldenGate. In this age, when the prices of gold are breaking all the records, it's so enriching to have a all-gold gate.

When you have 10 SQLSERVER databases, 20 MYSQL Databases, and 30 Oracle OLTP databases and 5 Oracle Datawarehouses and many XML data sources, and a small of team of DBAs have to manage the data flow between these disparate data sources.

In this sort of environment, challenges are simply gigantic. Integrity of information, freshness across the databases, agile response, data mappings, data volatility, Information lifecycle management makes information flow in any direction a titanic task.

It was not so easy to manage such kind of environ through naive replication and even Streams were a hassle. With Oracle Golden Gate, all the above challenges seem to be addressed out of the box, and they say that this is a mature technology with proven track record.

Can't wait to try it out, and then have it at my place.

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