Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Oracle Enabled Me to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

Pakistan, where I live, is going through worst of the floods. Floods in Pakistan are not a routine and these floods have no precedence. More than 20 million people have gone displaced, thousands died, thousands injured, and the estimate of material loss is uncountable.

Flood area is about 70km away from my home, and fortunately I am at a safe distance. Yesterday, I arranged a small vehicle loaded with mineral water, biscuits, some tents, old clothes and went to the affected area, which is 70km from my home. The scene at the flood site was heart-wrenching. I have seen natural disasters like the earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan, but this calamity is unprecedented.

I was able to help my countrymen out because I am earning through Oracle DBA, and so Oracle is indirectly doing huge service to the far-flung areas of the world.

Thank you Oracle.

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