Friday, August 27, 2010

Who is a Successful DBA?

What are the traits of a successful database administrator? How do we describe a successful DBA?

A DBA who

  • who keeps everything secret
  • who exaggerates his trouble-shooting
  • who considers the users and developers inferior and disregard the management
  • who likes mystery and non-transparency.
  • who likes to brag about hidden parameters and esoteric rule of thumbs
  • who doesn't share knowledge and experience
  • who takes credit of success and in case of failure throws blame upon network or developers
  • who refuses to learn new concepts and techniques and likes status quo
Or a DBA who

  • who works as bridge between network, developers, users and the management
  • who facilitates the end users
  • who believes in documentation, auditing, transparency
  • who is really passionate about his data and the ones who manipulate it
  • who enables the developers to exploit the full potential of database
  • who shares knowledge, take part in community and help others
  • who admits blunders and doesn't hesitate to ask for help from others
  • who is daring, visionary, and change-oriented
Want to add something, please feel free.

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