Monday, September 20, 2010

Difference Between ExaLogic and Exadata

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is the world’s first and only integrated middleware machine—a combined hardware and software offering designed to revolutionize data center consolidation. Enterprises can bring together tens, hundreds, or even thousands of disparate, mission-critical, performance-sensitive workloads on Oracle Exalogic with maximum reliability, availability, and security. Oracle Exalogic’s unique high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnect fabric means that complex, distributed applications can run with a responsiveness simply not achievable with typical servers used in data centers today.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides an optimal solution for all database workloads, ranging from scan-intensive data warehouse applications to highly concurrent OLTP applications. With its combination of smart Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software, complete and intelligent Oracle Database software, and the latest industry standard hardware components from Sun, the Database Machine delivers extreme performance in a highly-available, highly-secure environment. With Oracle’s unique clustering and workload management capabilities, the Database Machine is also well-suited for consolidating multiple databases onto a single grid. Delivered as a complete pre-optimized and pre-configured package of software, servers, and storage, the Sun Oracle Database Machine is simple and fast to implement and ready to tackle your large-scale business applications.

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Unknown said...

The exalogic is an application machine. It runs Linux /sun solarish and middleware software.

The hardware is pretty impressive 360 cores running at 2.93GHz, 2.8TB RAM, 960GB FlashFire SSD, and 40TB of storage. 2.8TB of RAM! close to a terabyte of Flashfire SSD! This is amazing.