Friday, October 8, 2010

Equivalent of Solaris Commands in Oracle Enterprise Linux: CommandComparo

Today's DBAs manager their databases in disparate operating systems. Linux and Solaris are one of the most common utilized platform for the Oracle databases and other products. Solaris based DBAs are getting lots and lots of demands of managing the databases and middleware and Fusion Apps on Linux or Oracle Linux systems.

The similarities of commands at both the platform add lots of confusion and the DBAs tend to waste lots of time in googling the syntax for Solaris which worked for them in Linux. E.g. whoami in Linux is 'id' on Solaris and there are hundreds of such small tidbits.

OTN comes to rescue here. Command Comparo Wiki is their answer to this common hassle. According to OTN this gives equivalent command syntax in Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 for common administrative tasks – especially tasks that have tricky syntax or that you frequently need to doublecheck. It acts as a quick reference for administrators who operate in these two OS environments.

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