Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oracle Certifications in Pakistan

One of the most popular and in-demand software in the Pakistan is the Oracle database, Oracle development Tools, E-Business System, and lately the Oracle middleware products.

The quantity of Oracle professionals is increasing in Pakistan steadily. Quality is bit compromising, because many of the Oracle aspirants are confused as how to pursue their career. Given the wide range of Oracle technologies and limited training opportunities and very competitive small market, it becomes hard and frustrating for the fresh graduates to the beginner professionals to make the career decisions within Oracle technologies.

Students, fresh graduates and budding professionals think that getting certification is the surefire guaranteed way to get the job. That is not true. Certification looks good on your resume and it helps increasing your chances, but it is not a token for getting the job. This is one of the first misconception which needs to be addressed.

Secondly, don't make the decision just by fluke about getting certification. Becoming a DBA or Developer, or E-Business Consultant, or Middleware Professional is very important one and would go with your career. You should first determine your aptitude, market situation, the plus and negative attached to these pathways and then go about it. Discuss it with the existing developers, DBAs and other professionals. Ask from yourself and be honest, and only then choose the path. You must not try to be many things at a time. You can either be a full time DBA or a full time developer.

Now how to prepare for the certification. You need just three things to get prepared:

Reading Documentation from about the product in which you are getting certified.
Downloading that product from the and practice like there is no tomorrow.
Attending a course w.r.t that product from Oracle University

There is no need to waste your money on the institutes offering you courses for certifications just round the corner in flashy banners or advertisements on your local cable channel. They will waste your time and money and will pose like Oracle is something very complex and hard thing to learn. That is simply not true. Yes, there is no short cut, but it's a fun and rewarding field.

So, read the documentation again and again, practice what you read. Get the content of your certification and then again read about them and practice it. Visit the forums and the blogs. Ask questions, give answers, play around with the software and take it easy. And yes, Please avoid the dumps and other illegal things, because they will not get you anywhere in your career.


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