Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Gracefully Reboot Exadata Database Machine

Restarting Oracle Exadata database machine involves rebooting first the cell nodes and then the compute nodes. But before that you have to bring down the RDBMS instances, ASM instances, and CRS.

Steps to Restart Exadata:

1- With oracle user, Shutdown the RDBMS and ASM instances by doing From any compute node:

srvctl stop database -d

2- With root user, from $ORA_CRS_HOME, shutdown the CRS:

 ./crsctl stop cluster

3- Now go to all the cell nodes, and perform following to reboot the cell nodes:

$ reboot

If you have ILOM, you can view the progress of restart through its interface.


/SP/start console

4- After reboot of cell nodes, go to every compute node and perform following with root user:

$ reboot

You can check the status of the cell node by doing:

cellcli> list cell detail
cellcli> list celldisk
cellcli> list griddisk

5- As the compute nodes come up, the CRS would start automatically and you just have to start the database, if its not started by the CRS with oracle user.

srvctl start database -d

6- You may check the status of cluster resources from root user:

./crsctl stat res -t

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