Monday, May 2, 2011

ORA-00700 soft assert Error

After the dreaded ORA-00600 (database bug), Ora-7445 (OS Exception), or ORA-04031 (memory exhuastion) errors, we have "soft errors" in 11g, the ORA-00700.

According to the MOS note ID 737878.1, ORA-700 errors are referred to as soft asserts in 11g.  Basically these are internal errors that do not cause anything fatal to occur in the process, and so the process can continue.  Soft asserts are triggered when the caller wants to make a note of the fact that something unexpected has happened, but would like to continue on because the failure is not fatal to the process or the instance.  In such cases, the process just records the error, takes the corresponding dumps and moves on as though nothing happened.

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