Monday, October 24, 2011

How to become a RockStar DBA? Sydney Illuminated by Paul Vallee

Starting a company focussed solely on database administration, weathering the ups and downs of the industry, hiring and retaining the top notch industry DBA talent, servicing clients' data in every industry for over an decade is not something to talk lightly about.

Who better to let us know as how to become a rockstar DBA than Paul Vallee, the man who founded, directed and sustained and managed the Pythian, a cluster of tightly integrated DBAs working for world's most busy databases round the clock.

Sydney Oracle Meetup is having Paul Vallee for some thrilling 2 hours. If you are in Syndey and even remotely relate to database administration, drop by:

More details here.

From Oracle Meetup site:

Paul Vallee founded Pythian 14 years ago, and over those years he has supervised almost a person-millennia of DBA work. Today about 100 of the world's most talented DBAs work in his company across 15 countries. Paul is visiting Sydney in October and this is a wonderful opportunity to hear his experiences and opinions on what skills, practices and disciplines a modern DBA should master to gain a success in this demanding and rewarding career. The intended audience is DBAs, Apps DBAs, Systems Administrators, Systems Architects, Operations Managers and IT Managers. We will have an open follow-up discussion after Paul’s presentation where any related questions will be on-topic.

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