Friday, March 9, 2012

CheckHWnFWProfile ; FATAL is not that FATAL always

From the MOS document ID 1274318.1:

To verify the hardware and firmware configuration for a storage server, execute the following "cellcli" command as the "cellmonitor" userid:

CellCLI> alter cell validate configuration

The output will be similar to:

Cell RanDomcel08 successfully altered

If any result other than "successfully altered" is returned, investigate and correct the condition.

Ok, After a disk replacement in the cell, ran the above command on cell from cellcli, and to my horror got the following error:

[WARNING] All drives are not identical
[FATAL] Can not continue. See exceptions above

But from SR, it was relieving to know that as the firmware of the newly replaced disk was the latest one, and it could be ignored.

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