Monday, December 9, 2013

Attended UKOUG Tech13 and Oaktable World UK

In cold, yet dry Manchester’s winter, it was quite thermal to simultaneously relish the meritorious UKOUG Tech13 and elite Oaktable World UK 2013 conferences. Pythian’s presence was overwhelming at both congresses. Paul Vallee, Alex Gorbachev, Elliot Zissman, Luke Davies, Paul Logan, Maris Elsins, Marc Fielding, Christo Kutrovsky and Michael McKee rocked the events.

Everyone was spoiled for the choice of the sessions. I remained focused on the engineered systems and performance tuning. Both conferences soaked me up in plenty of sessions from these tracks and much more. Jonathan Lewis talked about compression, and CBO. Tom Kyte also bestowed with his keen outlook on the various features. Pythian’s folks Luke Davies, Maris, Alex Gorbachev, and Michael Mckee shared their great insight too.

Oracle also hosted ACE dinner one evening, and it was awesome to meet yet again with numerous ACE fellows. Not only was the seven course Chinese dinner was sumptuous, the networking was delicious too. I was also honored to attend the Oaktable network fellows informal dinner at one of the Indian restaurant, and it was awesome too. Pythian and Rittman Mead also hosted drinks and dinner at a Pakistani restaurant and its really something to write home about.

While battling the jet lag the whole week long I was in UK, the proceedings of the week were very engaging and there was so much to learn and share and network. It was refreshingly great to meet yet again with the Christian Antognini, Jonathan Lewis, Heli Helskyaho, Frits Hoogland, Mark Rittman, Gunnar Bjarnason, Kyle Hailey and host of others.

Once it was over, I traveled back from one cold end of the Southern Hemisphere  to the other warm end of Northern Hemisphere.

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