Sunday, April 13, 2014

From Las Vegas to Ottawa

After a very engaging session at Collaborate14 in sunny Las Vegas amidst the desert of Nevada, I just arrived in not-so-bitterly cold Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Looking forward meeting with various Pythian colleagues and hanging out with the friends I cherish most.

My Exadata IORM session went well. Lots of follow back discussion plus questions are still pouring in. I promise I will answer them as soon as I return to Australia after couple of weeks. That reminds me of my flight from one corner of the globe to the other, but well I need to learn as how to sleep like a baby during flights. Any ideas?

Ottawa reminds me of Australian capital Canberra. It's quite a change after neon-city Vegas. Where Vegas was bathing in lights, simmering with shows, bubbling with bars, swarming with party-goers, and rattling with Casinos; Ottawa is laid-back, quiet, peaceful, and small. Restaurants and cafes look cool. Ottawa River is mostly still frozen and mounds of snow are evident along the road sides with leafless trees.

But spring is here, and things look all set to rock.

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