Thursday, March 5, 2020

Anthos is Icing on GKE Cake

If you have installed and managed all of Kubernetes by yourself, then you can appreciate how relieving it is to handover control plane and node component to services like GKE, AKS and EKS or any similar managed kubernetes service.
So far, for me Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a winner hands down when it comes to managed kubernetes service due to its maturity, ease of use, and more importantly seamless integration with rest of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. AWS and Azure are also catching up fast but still some distance to go.

Google is one leap ahead with Kubernetes by offering the fragrant Anthos. Anthos enables you to run managed Kubernetes anywhere including on-prem, GKE, AWS, Azure or to any other supported cloud provider. Google is very actively improving Anthos as that clearly seems the next big thing in realm of Devops. It's heralding a new era in hybrid and multi cloud environment whereas cloud providers like AWS aren't much fan of term multi-cloud. 

Where Anthos is great in blending in K8s to your on-prem and cloud environments and providing a consistent application management framework, it could also introduce bad practices big time. One such feature which could be badly exploited is transferring all on-prem garbage to cloud. For instance, with Anthos Migrate, you can simple convert your VMs running on on-prem to containers and then move them into Kubernetes. 

This is against the very spirit of light-weight, mutable, micro-service containers. This lift and shift is powerful yet dangerous as no K8 can mask the heavy VM's monolithic burden. So, its should be imperative to prune the VMs before migrating them as containers to GKE through Anthos. 

Having said that Anthos is a thing of beauty and here to stay!!!!

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