Thursday, April 16, 2020

Converged Oracle

Its very interesting to note down that where some database providers especially in the cloud are going about diverging the database offering for various use cases, whereas Oracle is talking about converged or unified databases for various on-prem and Cloud use-cases.

Converged databases support Spatial data for location awareness, JSON for document stores, IoT for device integration, in-memory technologies for real-time analytics, and of course, traditional relational data.

Mainly these so-called converged databases are aimed at supporting mixed work loads or keeping your data at one location for disparate applications. You won't have to worry abotu managing and more importantly integrating different systems. You will synergize everything into one.

Now that looks great in theory but we have seen adverse impacts when you try to combine things such as OLTP and DWH or graph databases with spatial and so on. The marriage of these different uses cases might become a performance nightmare if not handled rightly.

Oracle Database at core is a good manifestation of a converged database, as it provides support for Machine Learning, Blockchain, Graph, Spatial, JSON, REST, Events, Editions, and IoT Streaming as part of the core database

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