Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What's Different About Oracle's Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is the foundation to powering your SaaS applications. The cloud infrastructure supporting a SaaS application is the engine that provides the security, scale, and performance for your business applications. It includes the database, operating systems, servers, routers, and firewalls (and more) required to process billions of application transactions every day.

In the words of Larry Ellison, "The main economic benefit of Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure is its autonomous capability, which eliminates human labor for administrative tasks and thus reduces human error. That capability is particularly important in helping prevent data theft against increasingly sophisticated, automated hacks."

But with an outdated, overly complex ERP system, the organization found it a challenge to efficiently provide financial information. For one thing, its heavily manual processes resulted in a lack of confidence in data, making it hard to drive productivity and service improvements. By insisting on zero customization of its Oracle Cloud applications, organizatons across the world ensure that regular updates are simple and that its processes are integrated and scalable. As a result, the utility has shortened its order lead times significantly, reduced customer complaints, and boosted overall customer satisfaction levels.

Oracle’s second-generation cloud offers autonomous operations that eliminate human error and provide maximum security, all while delivering truly elastic and serverless services with the highest performance—available globally both in the public cloud and your data centers.

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