Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Most Underappreciated AWS Service and Why

Who wants to mention in their resume that one of their operation task is to tag the cloud resources? Well I did and mentioned that one of the tools I used for that purpose was Tag Editor. Interviewer was surprised to learn that there was such a thing in AWS which allowed tagging multiple resource at once. I got the job due to this most under-appreciated and largely unknown service.

Tagging is boring but essential. As cloud matures, tagging is fast becoming an integral part of it. In the environments I manage, most of tagging management is automated but there is still a requirement at times for manual bulk tagging and that's where Tag Editor comes very handy. Besides of bulk tagging Tag Editor enables you to search for the resources that you want to tag, and then manage tags for the resources in your search results.

There are various other tools available from AWS to ensure tag compliance and management but the reason why I like Tag Editor most is its ease of use and a single pane of window to search resources by tag keys, tag values, region or resource types. It's not as glamorous as AWS Monitron, AWS Proton or AWS Fargate but as useful as any other service is.

In our environment, if its not tagged then its not allowed in the cloud. Tag Editor addresses the basics of being in cloud. Get it right, and you are well on your way to well-architected cloud infrastructure.

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