Thursday, May 27, 2021

Cloud Vanity: A Weekly Carnival of AWS, Azure, GCP, and More - Edition 3

 Welcome to the next edition of weekly Cloud Vanity. IBM Cloud is not having a good time out there. It was hit by another outage this week, just five days after a similar incident. The root cause was an unidentified "severity-one" incident impacted multiple services across multiple locations. This once again underlines that you need a high availability and DR plan in the cloud too. 


Authorizing functionality of an application based on group membership is a best practice. If you’re building APIs with Amazon API Gateway and you need fine-grained access control for your users, you can use Amazon Cognito

VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to run VMware vSphere workloads on the AWS global infrastructure. This means you can run vSphere workloads across all of the AWS Regions where VMware Cloud on AWS is available.

CloudFormation Guard, an open source tool that helps validate your AWS CloudFormation templates against a rule set to keep AWS resources in compliance with company guidelines.

AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of the security alerts and security posture in your accounts. Now you can import AWS IoT Device Defender audit findings into Security Hub.

Customers who are running fleets of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances use advanced monitoring techniques to observe their operational performance. Capabilities like aggregated and custom dimensions help customers categorize and customize their metrics across server fleets for fast and efficient decision making. 


Microsoft has published a root cause analysis of an outage of its Azure Domain Name System that struck the cloud platform over Easter, causing intermittent failures for customers accessing and managing their Microsoft services globally.

Machine learning is changing the way we interact with each other and improving many aspects of our lives. In recent years, a variety of tools and frameworks have been developed to make it easier to build and deploy machine learning models into user-facing applications.

Function App keys are placed in the azure-webjobs-secrets folder in Blob Container. If this folder is missing, this could mean that the Function App is unable to connect to the storage account referenced by the Function App Application Setting “AzureWebJobsStorage”. This could happen either because of a network misconfiguration or because of an issue on the storage side.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, used by over seven million developers to create everything from enterprise applications to complex robots. 

Azure at Microsoft Build recap: build amazing things on your terms, anywhere


Using AI-powered machine learning models to identify fraudulent unemployment claims

Google has won a deal to provide cloud services to Elon Musk's SpaceX, which has launched a slew of Starlink satellites to provide high-speed internet, it said on Thursday. SpaceX will set up ground stations within Google's data centres that connect to the Starlink satellites

How to leverage global address resolution using Cloud DNS in Google Cloud VMware Engine

Analyze your logs easier with log field analytics

With Datashare, data publishers, aggregators, and consumers can come together to exchange licensed datasets on Google Cloud securely, quickly, and easily.


CNA Financial, the US insurance conglomerate, has apparently paid $40m to ransomware operators to gets its files back.

Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison was seemingly omnipresent at the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference last week, providing his unique insights on subjects ranging from why autonomous technologies are so fundamentally important to what keeps him engaged after decades in the business.

Use o to radically accelerate your cloud operations workflow. Spend less time searching the docs and say goodbye to the days of copy-and-pasting those long OCIDs.

TimescaleDB is a time series data plug-in for PostgreSQL. Its version 1.5 enables automatic compression.

Alibaba’s Winning Cloud Formula Is Coming Under Pressure

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