Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Oracle Database Plan History

 One of the common requirement in day to day DBA tasks is to get the plan history of your query. AWR is the best spot to extract that information:

-- Purpose:     shows history of plan changes

set lines 155

col execs for 999,999,999

col avg_etime for 999,999.999

col avg_lio for 999,999,999.9

col begin_interval_time for a30

col node for 99999

break on plan_hash_value on startup_time skip 1

select ss.snap_id, ss.instance_number node, begin_interval_time, sql_id, plan_hash_value,

nvl(executions_delta,0) execs,

(elapsed_time_delta/decode(nvl(executions_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta))/1000000 avg_etime,

(buffer_gets_delta/decode(nvl(buffer_gets_delta,0),0,1,executions_delta)) avg_lio


where sql_id = nvl('&sql_id','4dqs2k5tynk61')

and ss.snap_id = S.snap_id

and ss.instance_number = S.instance_number

and executions_delta > 0

order by 1, 2, 3


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