Monday, September 12, 2022

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streams Introduction

 OCI Streams enable you to build event driven integrations to synchronize business objects from Fusion SCM with external applications asynchronously using OCI Streaming sevice. 

Product Development uses business objects named items, documents, manufacturer parts, change orders, and change requests to build development structures that describe the assembly or product to be manufactured, or the subassembly. Change orders are used to track changes on an item, document, their structure, or on a manufacturer part that's associated with an item, with a revision attachment, or with the attributes of an item or document.

Normally the flow looks like this:

Items are loaded into Fusion SCM Product Development (PDH) using regularly scheduled Item Bulk load batch job. When the batch completes, a bulk item load event is generated which encapsulates the ESS Request ID and status information of the batch job. An Oracle integration (OIC) flow which subscribes to the SCM Item bulk load event is triggered on completion of the batch job. 

Items and Documents - Introduce new items or documents to the enterprise, and add information and data to them with easily defined attributes and characteristics;

Structures - Gather items (with associated manufacturer parts) and documents into a structure (Bill of Materials or BOM);

Change Orders - Manage change orders formally and centrally on items, documents, AML, structures, and attachments, and analyze the impact of each change;

Quality Issues and Actions - Quality Actions and Quality Issues from the Quality Management work area can be carried and processed by change orders in Product Development;

Searches - Find items, documents, manufacturer parts, manufacturers, and change orders with simple or advanced searches;

Lifecycle Phases and Item Grades - Differentiate between items with revision-specific lifecycle phases, and with calculated item grades that help evaluate for production readiness;

AML - Manage manufacturer parts with an Approved Manufacturers List (AML) that can be associated with any item or part;

Incorporate Pre-production Proposals - Incorporate Concepts or Requirements from Oracle Innovation Management Cloud applications;

Connect to other Applications - Connect items, documents, and change orders to Project Tasks; and,

Hand over to Manufacturing - Hand over items, documents, and structures to manufacturing, and track them downstream to production and through to commercialization.

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