Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Growing Oracle Cloud Portfolio Looks Promising.

 Your need for sovereignty, compliance, and location-specific performance should not limit your access to the latest cloud innovations. OCI gives you access to a full portfolio of cloud services wherever you need them. With a wide range of cloud options, including on-premises, dedicated Cloud@Customer, hybrid, multicloud solutions such as Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, or public cloud, OCI’s distributed cloud portfolio—available across regions worldwide—solves your toughest business challenges.

OCI’s distributed cloud continues its momentum with new services and new planned regions, bringing cloud to customers where they need it in over 60 countries. Oracle MySQL HeatWave is a managed service on both OCI and AWS, and it is now coming to Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. Oracle Alloy enables OCI partners to become cloud providers with an expandable, complete cloud infrastructure platform.

Many large-scale data center users have been working through plans for cloud migration but struggle to move gradually, keeping processing on-premises and moving applications and data in a stepwise manner to the cloud. Oracle’s distributed cloud services overcome this issue by, in effect, bringing the cloud to the customer. Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure is a Oracle-managed service for Azure customers to easily provision, access, and operate high-performance database services in OCI.

Oracle Exadata on managed infrastructure within your data center running Oracle Database workloads to provide data residency and high performance with the simplicity and economics of cloud services. Eliminate the complexity of managing, scaling, and securing databases within your data center with a fully managed database service running on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

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