Tuesday, January 10, 2023

How to Approach Cloud Engineer Interview These Days?

 Cloud has evolved a lot and so has the role of Cloud Engineer. Normally, the role of engineer in any given field is to build something on the basis of design given by architects and then hand-over that built infrastructure to the operations team. That's not really the case in Cloud. The boundaries are blurry and fuzzy. But one thing is for sure. As a cloud engineer you are required to have breadth and depth in various disciplines within and outside of the cloud. If you are thinking of applying as cloud engineer and want to know latest state of as how to approach cloud engineer interview , then following are some pointers:

Make sure you have few stories prepared from your work as cloud engineer to be told as an example usage of above concepts and services. Make sure you highlight your contribution. Make sure to know what are the latest happenings in cloud. Make sure you display your willingness to evolve as cloud is still evolving. Go in and hit it out of the park.  

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