Wednesday, February 22, 2023

20 Advantages of Oracle Container Engine (OKE)

 Kubernetes is a de facto standard for Container orchestration. Every cloud provider include Oracle now provides a managed Kubernetes cluster service. OKE is Oracle's Kubernetes and following is the list of benefits it offers.

  1. It has self-healing abilities.
  2. Native Support to ensure application reliability.
  3. Ability to deploy workloads to the entire cluster and not just a particular server.
  4. Creates new opportunities with a platform approach.
  5. Works well with Gitops.
  6. Autonomous upgrades for Kubernetes.
  7. Ease of managing multiple containers.
  8. Enables cost optimization and savings for organizations.
  9. Workload Portability.
  10. Collaboration with the Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.
  11. It is an extensible platform.
  12. Provides swift load-balancing.
  13. Gives freedom from proprietary tools for IT.
  14. Develop cross-cloud and on-premises applications.
  15. With OKE, learning curve is not that steep.
  16. Delivers always-on experiences for customers.
  17. Unparalleled price-performance than any other large-scale vendor.
  18. modelling and creating the cloud native architectures is a breeze.
  19. Refined Kubernetes Cluster DevOps
  20. Zero cluster management costs
Happy deployment.

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