Saturday, June 17, 2023

Steps to Install Lit-Parrot In Your Own Environment

Lit-Parrot, is an open-source language model repository powered by Lightning Fabric and built upon the Lit-LLaMA and nanoGPT.

It supports LLMs like:

  • EleutherAI Pythia
  • TII UAE Falcon
  • StabilityAI StableLM
  • Together RedPajama-INCITE

Steps to Install Lit-Parrot:

Clone the Repo in SageMaker notebook by clicking on git menu:

git clone  

Run following commands one by one in notebook cells:

cd lit-parrot

!pip install --index-url --pre 'torch>=2.1.0dev'

!pip install -r requirements.txt

!pip install huggingface_hub

!python scripts/ --repo_id EleutherAI/pythia-70m

!python scripts/ --checkpoint_dir checkpoints/EleutherAI/pythia-70m

!python generate/ --prompt "Here are some popular boy name in Australia: " --checkpoint_dir checkpoints/EleutherAI/pythia-70m

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