Thursday, February 22, 2024

Manage and Run Gemma LLM with Keras Locally

This video shows how to install and manage Gemma LLM with Keras. Gemma is a family of lightweight, state-of-the-art open models from Google, built from the same research and technology used to create the Gemini models.


!pip install keras --upgrade

!pip install kaggle

from google.colab import files

uploaded = files.upload()

for fn in uploaded.keys():
  print('User uploaded file "{name}" with length {length} bytes'.format(
      name=fn, length=len(uploaded[fn])))
# Then move kaggle.json into the folder where the API expects to find it.
!mkdir -p ~/.kaggle/ && mv kaggle.json ~/.kaggle/ && chmod 600 ~/.kaggle/kaggle.json

!pip install keras_nlp --upgrade
!pip install keras --upgrade

import os

os.environ["KERAS_BACKEND"] = "jax"

import keras_nlp
import keras
import tensorflow as tf
import time


preprocessor = keras_nlp.models.GemmaPreprocessor.from_preset(

gemma_lm = keras_nlp.models.GemmaCausalLM.from_preset("gemma_2b_en")

gemma_lm.generate("which one came first, egg or chicken?", max_length=130)


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