Tuesday, May 7, 2024

How to Scrape Websites for Free with AI Locally

This video shows how to install ScrapeGraphAI which is a web scraping python library that uses LLM and direct graph logic to create scraping pipelines for websites, documents and XML files.

Code Used:

conda create -n scrapeai python=3.11
conda activate scrapeai

pip install scrapegraphai==0.9.0b7 --upgrade
apt install chromium-chromedriver
pip install nest_asyncio
pip install playwright
playwright install-deps
playwright install

ollama run mistral
ollama run nomic-embed-text

import nest_asyncio

from scrapegraphai.graphs import SmartScraperGraph

graph_config = {
    "llm": {
        "model": "ollama/mistral",
        "temperature": 0,
        "format": "json",  # Ollama needs the format to be specified explicitly
        "base_url": "http://localhost:11434",  # set Ollama URL
    "embeddings": {
        "model": "ollama/nomic-embed-text",
        "base_url": "http://localhost:11434",  # set Ollama URL

smart_scraper_graph = SmartScraperGraph(
    prompt="List me all the articles",

result = smart_scraper_graph.run()

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