Tuesday, July 2, 2024

GraphRAG Local Installation - Create RAG Pipeline on Your Own Custom Data

 This video installs GraphRAG locally and create RAG pipeline with your own custom data in a a step-by-by step tutorial.


conda create -n grag python=3.11 -y && conda activate grag

export OPENAI_API_KEY=""

pip install graphrag

pip install gptcache

mkdir -p ./ragtest/input && cd ./ragtest/input

touch fahd.txt

python3 -m graphrag.index --init --root ./ragtest

set the .env file.

python3 -m graphrag.index --root ./ragtest

python3 -m graphrag.query --root ./ragtest --method global "Who is Fahd Mirza?"

python3 -m graphrag.query --root ./ragtest --method local "Who is Fahd Mirza and where he lives?"

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