Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Error While Registering Report Services in Metadata Repository of AS10g

I am installing Oracle Application Server 10g ( on Redhat Linux AS 4.

I have two machines, one is and the other is I am installing the metadata repository and the forms services on and report services on the I have managed to successfully install the metadata repository and the forms services on

When I try to install the report services on, during installation, OracleAS 10g Rel 2 ( midde tier install is giving the following error in the "Select Oracle Application Server 10g Metadata Repository" screen.

Invalid Database or either the database or listener are not running. Please verify your selection

The Metadata Repository database and the TNS Listener are both up and running. A connection to the Metadata Repository via SQL*Plus and tnsping works fine.

The problem as it turns out is that there was no entry for the servers in the DNS. As I mapped the IP addresses of the servers in DNS server, the error got away.

This is one of the many reasons, I believe that the Oracle Application Server is the not a charming product at all. I have my hosts file configured, and when I give the OID credentials in report services installation screens, it picks up the information from the metadata repository, but then says that the invalid database.

I hop Oracle WebLogic Server is a better alternative.

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