Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raise SR to MetaLink with Customary RDA

I have made myself a rule regarding raising SRs to Metalink, the premier Oracle Support Portal.

When I raise SR, however the trivial or complex looking problem, I make sure that I include the RDA output with my SR. I try to generate RDA output w.r.t to the problem. RDA allows you to generate output for full product, or drill down to the component of that product. For example, if I am having issues with the Oracle HTTP Server of iAS 10g, I could generate RDA output for just OHS.

Remote Diagnostic Agent is a fine tool to gather the information about your system, not only for the Oracle Support guys, but also for yourself.

RDA assist the Oracle Support person in resolving your problem, it contain vast amount of configuration and diagnostic data that reduces the shuttling between you and the support guy.

Read more about RDA in Doc ID: 330363.1 of metalink.

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Tim... said...


It's always fun when you include an RDA, and the first comment back from Oracle Support is, "Please upload and RDA...". :)