Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hung Oracle Processes in the HP-UX while applying CPU

I have applied interim patches to the Oracle installations for Linux, Windows and Solaris, but only in the HP-UX, I have encountered the problem of hung processes. May be I am just lucky that I didn't encounter the error in other operating systems.

I was applying July CPU patch on installation, when running the opatch napply, I came across the following error:

The following make actions have failed :
Re-link fails on target "client_sharedlib".
Re-link fails on target "client_sharedlib".

Also there were some warnings about the busy text files. 

In this case, check the hung oracle process through this command and kill them:

prod:oracle:xxx ) ps -fu oracle|grep sqlplus
 oracle 13694  4346  0  Aug 31  pts/3     0:00 sqlplus e4@prod

prod:oracle:xxx ) kill -9 13694

Re run the opatch, and it will go like a breeze, hopefully.

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