Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am not a genius, but I am still 11 year Oracle DBA

Becoming an Oracle DBA is not some mythical thing. Excelling in this field, sustaining in this field, covering milestones is not something out of this world. You really don't have to be an Einstein to become a world class Database Administrator in Oracle technologies.

True lots of skills are needed to be a world class DBA like having sound understanding of architecture and features of various releases of Oracle databases, dexterity in advanced technologies like RAC, ASM, Data Guard, RMAN, RAT etc. Also needed is solid foundation knowledge of various operating systems like Linux, Solaris, other flavors of Unix, Window. Networking and storage information is also needed. Besides of these hard skills, soft skills like communication, documentation, risk management, priority handling, team playing, solo flight, crisis management are also very much needed.

But they can be acquired, mastered and polished and improved. Learning is a life long experience and excelling is personal. To acquire and master all those skills, you don't have to be genius or super-person. You should just persevere, go through it, do it and keep doing it and one day you wake up with feeling that at last you know a little bit about this DBA thing, and then suddenly you realize that you know nothing.

Remember, the more you know , the more you realize how little you know.

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Very well said Fahd.