Sunday, March 26, 2017

What Oracle DBAs Need to Learn in Oracle Cloud Platform?

The transition from Oracle on-premises DBA to Oracle Cloud DBA is imminent for many of us. In fact, IMHO; the existing Oracle DBAs would have to manage database both on-premises and in cloud for a long time.

So what Oracle DBA needs to learn in Oracle Cloud Platform? If you visit the Oracle Cloud website, it's a mouthful and more. Its very easy to get bogged down as there are lots of things to learn it seems at first.

The good news is that as an experienced Oracle DBA you know most of things already. So just brush up your basic concept of cloud computing and then start from the following cloud offerings from Oracle Cloud Platform:

  • Database Cloud Schema Service
  • Database Cloud Database as a Service
  • Database Backup Cloud Service

Read about above as much as possible, and if you get a chance play with them. You would be surprised to find out that you know almost everything about these things as they are built upon the existing Oracle technologies.

One thing which is a must for this brave new world of Oracle Cloud DBA (OCDBA) in Oracle Cloud Platform or in any other cloud platform is to know how to migrate an Oracle database to Oracle Cloud (or any other cloud for that matter.) For this purpose, make sure you understand the following concepts:

  • Oracle Goldengate
  • Oracle Datapump
  • Oracle Secure External Password Store
  • Oracle Connection Manager
  • RMAN
  • Oracle Cloud Control

If all of above is ready, you are all good to go! :)

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