Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Google Big Querry and Oracle Smart Scan

Marveling at the technology is my pastime and lately there are 2 technologies which truly have made me say ' Simply Wow.' One is Google's Big Query and the other one is Oracle's Exadata Smart Scan.

I have been managing data in different databases for a long time to appreciate how critical it is for the client to get the results out of their data as fast as possible. It's all about the returning results at the end after issuing a query or clicking a button.

End user or developer don't really care as how many terabytes of data is there. DBAs and data architects might love to boast about the humongous volumes of data they store and support but there is nothing to write home about, if that data cannot be retrieved as quickly as possible.

When I first migrated a 9TB database to Oracle Exadata few years back and ran a heavy report first time, it returned results in a jiffy, while my jaws dropped. This report used to take at least 70 minutes before without smart scan. I had to bring the developer to double check whether the results were correct or not . Oracle's Exadata smart scan is phenomenal.

I got similar jaw-dropping experience yesterday when I saw Google Cloud Platform's product Big Query in action during an Onboard session Sydney. A SQL with regex was run on multi terabyte of dataset with lots of sorting and it returned the results from the cloud in few seconds. Best thing about Big Query is that the all-familiar SQL is used and nothing fancy is needed. You get your petabytes of data warehouse in Google's cloud and then use your SQL to analyze that dataset. Sweet part is the agility and transparency with which that data is returned.

Simply beautiful.

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