Sunday, July 12, 2020

Database Management in Oracle Cloud

Autonomous Data Warehouse
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service is a fully automated, high-performance, and elastic service. You will have all of the performance of market-leading Oracle Database in a fully automated environment that is tuned and optimized for data warehouse workloads.

Autonomous Transaction Processing
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is a fully automated database service tuned and optimized for transaction processing or mixed workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database. The service delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission-critical applications.

Database Cloud Service: Bare Metal
The dense I/O configuration consists of a single Oracle 11g, 12c, or 18c Database instance on 2 OCPUs, with the ability to dynamically scale up to 52 OCPUs without downtime. Available storage configurations range from 5.4 to 51.2 TB of NVMe SSD local storage, with 2- and 3-way mirroring options available.

Database Cloud Service: Virtual Machine
The virtual machine configurations consists of a single Oracle 11g, 12c, or 18c Database instance. Choose from a single OCPU virtual machine with 15 GB of RAM up to a RAC-enabled virtual machine with 48 OCPUs with over 600 GB of RAM. Storage configurations range from 256 GB to 40 TB.

Exadata Cloud Service
Oracle Exadata Cloud Service enables you to run Oracle Databases in the cloud with the same extreme performance and availability experienced by thousands of organizations which have deployed Oracle Exadata on premise. Oracle Exadata Cloud Service offers a range of dedicated Exadata shapes.

Exadata Cloud@Customer
Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer is a unique solution that delivers integrated Oracle Exadata hardware and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure software in your data center with Oracle Exadata infrastructure managed by Oracle experts. Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer is ideal for customers who desire cloud benefits but cannot yet move their databases to the public cloud.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service
A NoSQL Database Cloud Service with on-demand throughput and storage-based provisioning that supports document, columnar, and key-value data models, all with flexible transaction guarantees.

Oracle MySQL Database Service
MySQL Database Service is a fully managed database service that enables organizations to deploy cloud native database applications using the world’s most popular open source database. It is 100% developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL Team.

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