Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Quick Introduction to Oracle Data Safe

 Oracle Data Safe is a unified control center for your Oracle databases. It the capability to schedule and automate audit reports so that the auditors periodically receive them at a scheduled frequency. 

As per Angeline, "Demonstrating audit compliance to auditors and security compliance professionals requires periodic reports showing database activity – the information you are collecting in your audit trail. Data Safe lets you automate report generation, helping ensure that your security compliance reports are ready when you need them. Working with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) notification service, Data Safe generates events that can be used to notify auditors that reports are ready, or integrate Data Safe with other services to retrieve, store, and process those reports."

Oracle Data Safe empowers organizations to understand data sensitivity, evaluate data risks, mask sensitive data, implement and monitor security controls, assess user security, and monitor user activity—all in a single, unified console. These capabilities help to manage the day-to-day security and compliance requirements of Oracle Databases, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Accessing sensitive data is the goal of most, if not all, cyberattacks. Hackers target databases because most mission-critical and sensitive data is stored there. As such, organizations must prioritize database security, and the first step is data intelligence - knowing what sensitive data you have, how your database system is configured, and who has access. Read the IDC report to learn more.

You can use Oracle Data Safe to replace sensitive data with realistic, yet obscured, data for safe use in nonproduction environments. Maintain complex data relationships needed for test, development, and analytics while minimizing the amount of sensitive data and associated risk. Data Safe offers predefined masking formats as well as the ability to define custom masking formats to meet specific organizational requirements. All predefined sensitive data types come with a correlated masking format, vastly reducing the effort to execute masking jobs. Masking reports then demonstrate these security and compliance efforts.

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