Monday, December 12, 2022

What is AWS Application Composer

 AWS Application Composer helps to streamline and accelerate the architecture, configuration, and build of serverless applications. Using a simple drag and drop workflow, the necessary configuration to deploy your application is generated automatically. Infrastructure-as-code is based on AWS CloudFormation and the AWS Serverless Application Model.

How it works:

  • Drag and drop resources on a visual canvas
  • Connect and configure resources to build an application architecture
  • Deployment-ready IaC definitions backed by best practices are automatically maintained as you work
Visually define, organize, and connect AWS resources. You can seamlessly transition between the console and your local IDE to make edits. Use any CloudFormation compatible tool, such as the AWS SAM CLI, to deploy, test, and iterate on your application.

Build your template:
Create or edit your template using the visual or code view editors. With a local file system connection, you can make changes simultaneously in Composer or within your IDE.

Test your template
Use SAM Accelerate to test your template in the cloud, while building with Composer.

Deploy to an environment
Once you're ready to deploy, take your saved project to your version control system or pipeline.

PS. It's not available in the Sydney region (ap-southeast-2).

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