Sunday, March 31, 2024

Select AI Intro in Oracle Database

Select AI is probably one of the most magical AI feature in Oracle Autonomous database. I have been using it for some time now and it's feels simply like magic.

Select AI represents a cutting-edge feature within the Oracle Autonomous Database, introduced last year, that empowers users to interact with their data using natural language queries. This innovative capability enables individuals to pose questions and receive insights without needing to comprehend the underlying data storage or SQL formulation. By simply directing queries in languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more, users can leverage the full potential of their database.

The underlying technology behind Select AI leverages advanced generative AI models, such as those developed by OpenAI or Cohere, which excel at understanding intent and generating SQL code based on natural language prompts. This approach allows developers to extend and build new natural language applications seamlessly within the SQL framework. Select AI streamlines this process by integrating with Oracle SQL, utilizing a standard SELECT statement followed by AI and the natural language query.

One of the remarkable features of Select AI is its conversational capabilities, enhanced with recent updates. Users can engage in a dialogue with the database, posing follow-up questions that build upon previous interactions. This chat history is leveraged by the AI models to provide context-aware responses, resembling a real-life conversation that facilitates deeper exploration of data insights.

Moreover, Select AI is designed to be flexible and adaptable to various business needs. It supports multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) including Cohere and OpenAI, with potential for expansion to include domain-specific models in the future. This pluggable design allows organizations to select the most suitable LLM for their specific use cases, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with business objectives.

With Autonomous Database Select AI, developers can create AI-enabled applications that comprehend users' natural language queries within a conversational context, enabling secure and efficient access to valuable insights from private data sources. This groundbreaking capability marks a significant leap forward in data analytics, harnessing the power of generative AI and natural language processing to democratize access to database insights.

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