Sunday, December 11, 2022

AWS VPC Lattice Demo Step by Step Tutorial

 AWS VPC Lattice simplifies application networking. In today's world, it reduces the friction between the developers, network administrators, and security team. Developers don't have to become a network guru if they opt for the VPC lattice as their disparate microservices can talk to each other under a secure posture in a distributed network.

Whether it's a lambda based application, or it's a containerized application; whether it's a Kubernetes cluster or it's an application on EC2; Whether it's application scattered across different VPC or different accounts or if the application has to talk to a third party SAAS solution, AWX VPC Lattice can talk to any application in a secure and seamless way by using this new offering.

As per AWS, "Amazon VPC Lattice is an application layer service that consistently connects, monitors, and secures communications between your services, helping to improve productivity so that your developers can focus on building features that matter to your business. You can define policies for network access, traffic management, and monitoring to connect compute services in a simple and consistent way across instances, containers, and serverless."

VPC Lattice is designed to be non-invasive and work alongside existing architecture patterns, allowing development teams across your organization to incrementally onboard their services progressively over time. Service owners can use VPC Lattice compute integrations to onboard their services from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Lambda, and choose one or more service networks to join. Service owners can also configure advanced traffic-management rules to define how a request should be processed to support common patterns such as blue/green and canary-style deployments.

The authorization for the Lattice is same as the usual IAM policies. It works on same parc principle. Following screenshot from the AWS video is an example of lattice IAM policy:

AWS Lattice is definitely the most favourite and most important announcement of this 2022 AWS reinvent event.

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